What is a Logo?

A logo is the visible identity of a business in the market place. Logos can be emblems, symbols, word marks that are designed to portray an image of the business. There are thousands of logos in the business world and the recognizable logos have certain features:
  • It must be easily identified.
  • It must be unique.
  • The color combination should be suitable for the company.
  • The logo should project the image you would like in the marketplace.
  • The design should be clean and ordered. A jumbled or messy design is easily forgotten.
  • Complicated images or photos are not used.
  • Should be effective no matter the size.
  • In color or black and white, no matter the size, the image should still be effective.

What should I do if I'm not sure what kind of logo I want?

If you are unsure of what you want, give us as much information as you can and we'll work with you from there. We would also be happy to present you with some of our ideas.

Are there extra fees for extra colors or other details?

No, you can choose any number of colors or special effects.